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Area student really passionate about latest tech media buzzword

London, United Kingdom— Emphatically stating how Blockchain technology is going to disrupt the way we buy cereal, 3rd year Economics student James Wilson can’t contain his excitement for how the latest tech media buzzword is going to radically transform the world. “I haven’t been this excited since I first learned about the Internet of People” Wilson said, “Can you imagine how cool that will be?”

“Have you heard about Ethereum?” Wilson asked uninterested passersby, “Think Blockchain 2.0, but with the power to replace lawyers and bankers. Through software!” When we asked Wilson about his thoughts on recent advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence as heavily covered in publications like TechCrunch and Business Insider, he responded by saying “Dude don’t even get me started. That shit is so fucking cool!”

“I took a year out from uni to work at a FinTech / PropTech / TechDeck company, which was made even better by the tech media overstating the potential impact these kind of companies will have on society” Wilson said eagerly. At press time, Wilson was reportedly meeting with VC firms seeking investment in his new venture; a company that sells software as a service, as a service.