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Mime concerned there’s bad stuff going on in this country and no one’s talking about it

Los Angeles, CA— Wiping fake tears from his eyes and holding his index finger up to his lips, 35 year old mime Jacques Benoit is concerned that there’s some seriously bad stuff going on in this country and people aren’t talking about it. Benoit told reporters that the current political climate makes him feel trapped and silenced by pretending to be in a box and zipping his lips shut.

Miming that he was simultaneously in at least 8 tug of wars, Benoit bemoans that the President has trouble getting things done due to the necessity of pandering to wealthy interest groups and the opposition party’s dogged non-cooperation. With a look of incredulity and disgust, Benoit made a T with his right hand while opening and closing his left hand like a puppet to signify that he can’t believe the bullshit coming out of Trump’s mouth and that people actually believe it.

Walking down imaginary stairs and waving emphatically, Benoit says that if things continue to go downhill, we can say goodbye to the America we used to know and love. Attempting to walk up a flight of stairs that doesn’t appear to exist, he emphasises that one of our biggest focuses in this country should be on reducing economic inequality and improving social mobility.

Pretending to strangle an innocent bystander, Benoit laments that even if people were to bring these issues to light, the mainstream media’s stranglehold on this country would render it pointless. At press time, Benoit was seen holding an imaginary gun up to his head to signify that the whole gun debate wants to make him blow his brains out.