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Carson hurt by Cruz’ joke about him being a bad surgeon

Des Moines, Iowa— During last night’s GOP debate, Ted Cruz imitated Donald Trump by calling all of the GOP candidates stupid, fat, and ugly and Carson a terrible surgeon, which really hurt Carson’s feelings. “I don’t like it when Cruz pretends to bully me. I can’t tell if people are laughing at Trump or me” Carson told reporters, “It hurts more. I miss Trump.”

Noting that Cruz should be careful about what he says given Carson’s childhood, Carson told reporters that he thinks Cruz “should probably watch out, I mean, everyone knows about that time I tried to stab that guy” Carson said, “I’m high energy.”

Feeling particularly singled out by Cruz’ mockery, Carson thinks that Cruz does not respect him as a candidate in this upcoming election. “I mean, what does he think I am? A one horse country?” Carson reportedly said. At press time, Carson was observed yelling “I’ve got gifted hands. Gifted hands!” at passersby outside of the Iowa Events Center.