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“I love the rain!” says car owner from climate where it doesn’t rain

Palo Alto, CA— A self-declared pluviophile, 26 year old Susie Thompson says she enjoys nothing more than the tranquil serenity of a rainy day from the comfort of her dry, heated car in a climate where it very rarely rains. “There’s just something so majestic and romantic about the rain,” says Thompson “Mostly because I don’t have to take public transportation or be outside at all to get to work, and it pretty much never rains where I live anyway.”

Thompson is a software engineer who spends probably around 5-10 minutes outside of a building on any given day, so the weather has very little influence on her actual day to day life. “I love the idea of getting caught in the rain,” she says “when it does rain, which is incredibly rare, I never bring an umbrella or raincoat, half because I don’t mind getting wet, half because it makes very little sense to own an umbrella or raincoat where I live.”

Thompson told reporters that as a kid, she “enjoyed pretending that raindrops on the windshield of her family car were racing each other.” Now, as an adult car owner, she finds that rainy days make her nostalgic as she drives to work in a dry, climate controlled vehicle that mitigates any effect the outside weather might have on her.

Having never experienced a serious flood in her life, Thompson confirmed that “falling asleep to the pitter patter of rain drops on her bedroom windows is one of her absolute favourite things.” She also remarked that she “thinks people who dislike the rain are just being negative. There’s so much to celebrate!” Local homeless man Jake Bernal was unavailable for comment, but previous reports indicate that inclement weather “really fucks up his whole day.”